Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow day #??

Wow, so we got our 5th snow day in two weeks today! I can't believe this is happening. I was really bummed last year when Texas got snow on Christmas Eve and then got that foot of snow in February, all while I was stuck in hot Florida. Don't get me wrong, there were some great things about living in Florida - like going to beach year round - but I LOVE snow, and that was something that never happened in south Florida. I just knew this winter Texas wouldn't see any snow since it snowed so much last year. Well, I couldn't haven't been more wrong, and I couldn't be happier about that!

I know a lot of my teacher friends are stressing about missing so much instructional time with their students, but luckily I teach a fairly easy subject to get my students caught up on. Thank goodness I don't teach math, then I would be stressing. My kids are in the middle of a novel so we'll just take a little bit longer reading it than I had hoped. I know they won't mind missing a few stories I had planned to teach out of their literature book - and I know they won't miss the grammar I'll probably have to eliminate, haha.

The further along I get into this pregnancy, the less I can sleep at one time. I generally wake up about 3-4 times a night, and I usually don't sleep past about 7:30. I don't really feel tired during the day, I just go to sleep earlier at night. Well anyway, I was up this morning about 7 despite the fact that I didn't have to wake up for school. I had my first kick of "nesting" so I started going through my closet, then I hit the hallway closet and organized it. I ended up taking out 4 bags of trash! Finally, I did 3 loads of laundry, and started getting the baby clothing we have already accumulated ready to wash. All before noon! Then I got tired, sat down, and I haven't been up since then :) I guess my "nesting" kick is over for now...

I hope everyone stays warm on this cold day, and here's to wishful thinking that we'll have one more day off tomorrow!!

The snow/sleet view from our balcony - not nearly as pretty as last week's snow :(

My little laundry helper

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