Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Showers

Well if I was waiting for life to slow down, it sure hasn't. I guess that's not going to happen anytime soon either. This blog is coming a few weeks late. My two showers were actually at the first and second weekends of March, and here we are at the end of the month. Oh well, at least I'm blogging now, right?

Our first shower was thrown for us by our good friend, Beka. We knew we wanted to have a shower that would not be formal, and would be a chance for Jacob and me to hang out with our friends. The shower turned out to be so much fun! Beka had the cutest decorations! She hung baby clothes throughout the room, and then had my favorite candy - M&M's in pink and brown - strewn all over the room in decorative containers. It turned out really cute. The guys pretty much just hung out all night, which is what we knew would happen. For the girls, Beka bought bibs for us to decorate. It was such a fun thing to do at a shower, and I was very appreciative to not have people measure my belly or have me sniff a "dirty" diaper to guess what candy is in it, haha.

**There is more of the blog after the first round of pictures - Warning: There are a lot of pictures...


The invitation to our co-ed shower

Jimpaw hanging out

Me with my homemade bib

I love this picture of Jacob with the baby shoes :)

My formal baby shower was given by my Mother-in-Law, Teresa, my Sister-in-Law, rachel, and my best friend, Alex. It was the traditional shower where all family members and family friends were invited. It was so beautiful! The theme was sugar and spice so the food set up had a candy bar (sugar) and a salsa bar (spice). It was super cute! Rachel's friend, Autumn, made cake balls for the party and they were the best cake balls I have ever eaten! Autumn is a fantastic baker - I wish I was talented, haha. It was really nice being able to hang out with all of Jacob's family that I don't get to see as often, and with my family, too :)

For the "game" part of the shower, it was decided we would skip over doing traditional games and instead everyone would decorate a scrapbook page for Ellie's first year. The scrapbook pages turned out sooo cute! And the best part was that everyone signed their page so I will always know who decorated each page.

Baby Ellie was really spoiled between my two showers. My MIL alone had 19 gift bags for me to open at the shower, haha. We were blessed to have all of the major items purchased for us, so now it's just little stuff like baby shampoo and lotion to buy when the first bottles start running out. If you came to one of my showers, thank you so much!! It was wonderful being able to spend time with you :)

The invitation to my "formal" shower

There are 4 babies due on Jacob's side of the family ranging in due date from April to Sept - Clearly I am due first ;)

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